Leisure centre visitors will need to display a parking ticket or risk being fined.

People heading to Woodside Leisure Centre in Garston will also no longer be able to park for more than four hours in the lower car parks from January 16.

The changes come following feedback from leisure centre users, who reported they were sometimes unable to park at the site due to people parking for long periods in the spaces closest to the leisure centre.

To solve the issue, Watford Borough Council has introduced seven parking machines in the lower car park.

Parking will still be completely free, but will be restricted to a maximum of four hours.

Anyone wishing to park in the lower car parks will need to display a valid ticket, which is obtained by entering your car registration in the ticket machine.

The ticket must then be clearly displayed in the vehicle windscreen.

Once the four hour period has run out, you cannot return to the car park and get another ticket for at least one hour.

The maximum four hour stay will also apply to disabled blue badge holders and a ticket will need to be displayed in the windscreen.

Current hours of operation for parking will still apply: Monday to Friday 6.30am to 10.30pm and Saturday and Sunday 7.30am to 8pm.

Anyone caught parking for longer than four hours in the lower car parks will be given a penalty charge notice by a council enforcement officer.

The changes come into force from January 16.

New pick up and drop off spaces have been installed along the access road to the leisure centre reception. These bays will be restricted to a maximum stay of 20 minutes.

There are no changes to the top car park (next to the cricket pitch) at the leisure centre and a ticket will not be required to park there.