Shoppers were given the opportunity to win prizes worth over £100 by competing in a ‘Supermarket Sweep’.

Three customers shopping for groceries at Tesco today (January 8) in Waterfields Way, Watford were selected at random to take part in the sweep by former Big Brother host Davina McCall.

The star spoke on the Tesco tannoy just before the sweep to encourage shoppers to take part, with a large crowd gathering soon after around the starting point.

Watford Observer:

Photo credit Rhian Cummins

Shoppers that were chosen, all three of whom were women, had three minutes to select their best outfits in the F&F clothing section of the supermarket which would later be judged by the star.

Joanne Hart, from Watford, was out shopping with her baby son Josh when she was chosen to take part in the sweep.

Watford Observer:

Davina Mcall (second left) hosting the event at Tesco in Watford. Photo: James Cowen

The 35-year-old mum said: “It was really fun to take part and I am very happy to have been chosen.

“It was great for Davina to hold Josh while I went around choosing my outfit and thought it was really cute.”

She was chosen by McCall as the shopper to have selected the best outfit of all three people who took part in the event and won a £150 gift card for F&F.

Watford Observer:

Photo Credit Rhian Cummins

Mrs Hart continued: “I’m probably going to spend the money I won on kid’s clothes so Josh will probably get loads of shopping!”

Watford Observer:

Joanne Hart with her son, Josh. Photo: James Cowen

But all three shoppers who took part in the sweep were able to keep their outfits as McCall felt they all did “such a good job”.

Following the challenge, McCall said: “It was great seeing the surprise on the women’s faces when they were just coming into get some groceries but walk away with two free outfits. It was lovely.

“Everyone did such a good job. And I got to hold Joanne’s baby, so I ran round with him while she was choosing.

“The event was really good fun and I have to say one of my favourite bits was going on the tannoy.

“I hope to do more of these in the future as I really like being out and about and I love being with people and giving stuff away so it is a win win for me.”