Watford Borough Council plans to empty rubbish bins every two weeks and charge for the collection of green waste.

At a meeting of the cabinet on Monday (January 6), councillors backed plans for black bins to be collected from homes in Watford every fortnight.

With the change, 231 brown bins will be issued to residents for cooked and uncooked food waste, which will be collected weekly and used for compost and electricity.

Blue-lidded bins – for mixed dry recyclables such as glass and tins – will continue to be emptied weekly too.

The changes will be implemented in July. The council hopes they will encourage recycling and provide value for money.

But how have residents reacted to these changes?

'We object to having to pay for the garden waste'

Lynne O’Connor, who lives in Watford expressed her opinion about the new collection times: “We don’t have a problem with the black bin being once a fortnight. As we recycle, there is usually just one bag in it.

“We do however object to having to pay for the garden waste to be emptied, that’s part of our council tax!”

No space for four different bins

Jules Foster, another reader, said: “So potentially, four wheelie bins outside my terraced house.

“No side or rear access so they just line up in front in the small space between my house and the pavement. Three is bad enough.”

'One problem is that you can get maggots with the wait'

Julie Ball lives in Carpender Park and has her bins collected every two weeks with Three Rivers District Council, however she feels the new collection schedule in Watford could cause an issue.

She said: “It wouldn’t be as bad if we had a standard size bin, but now we can only fit two black sacks which is a big issue.

“If you have an event at a house for example you have to find somewhere to put the refuse.

“It’s okay if you live by yourself, but I live with my daughter and two dogs.

“Sometimes I have to ask my neighbour to fit a carrier bag in their bin.”

She added that one time, she handed a bin bag to her friend who lives in Colindale as there was no space in her bin.

“One problem is that you can get maggots with the wait. But you can live with it as I lift the lid and the birds clear it up.”

'Does this mean less council tax?'

Wayne Erratt asked: “Does this mean less council tax as the service we currently pay for is being reduced?”

Watford is 'moving in line with other places'

Despite concerns from some, other people are in support with the new collection plans.

Caroline Haines, moved from Watford to Kettering, Northamptonshire, last July and believes Watford is just “moving in line”.

She said: “My black bin and recycling bins are alternated weekly.

“I can have as many recycling bins as I want for free but have to pay for any extra black bins. This hasn’t been any problem to me as I recycle as much as possible and my black bin is never full.

“I truly believe Watford Council are just moving in line with most other places and that the people of Watford have been very fortunate with their collections until now.”

'Plenty of councils do this'

Romy Brown commented: “I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. Plenty of councils have been doing this for years and if you recycle properly, then you should have room in your bin.

'Do people manage to fill their bin every week?'

Elizabeth Waddell asked: “Do people really manage to fill their black bin every week, how do they do it?

“My black bin goes out every four weeks and has done ever since they were introduced.”