A businessman who sells retro travel posters has made artwork of popular Watford attractions.

Jack Franks, 32, from Watford set up his website bucketlistprints two years ago when he was inspired by the National Park posters while visiting America.

After coming home, he said he couldn't find retro-themed posters for national parks in UK and decided to create his own.

He commissioned artists to bring his ideas to life after deciding that he was not artistic.

He said: “I always loved travelling and adventure, so I made quite a few posters for places I have been.

Watford Observer:

Cassiobury Park poster

"Anything I enjoy or sparks my interest I look to make it into a poster.

“I have done seven ski seasons in the French Alps which is why I naturally wanted to do posters of ski resorts.

“I began by ticking off places I’ve been travelling to and once it started getting popular, I had people messaging me to make posters for other areas.”

Mr Franks has commissioned more than 200 posters to be made and says he has received a lot of interest.

He decided to make posters for attractions in Watford because of his connection to the town and for his own enjoyment.

He said: “I made a poster called Visit Cassiobury for the park. It focuses on the tree I always called the Lion King tree because it looks more at home in Africa than in Watford.

“Since as long as I can remember, that has been the main land park of the park.

"When I was a teenager and I was trying to meet my mates and told them to meet by the tree.

Watford Observer:

Miniature Railway poster.

“It was a no brainer for me it would be the main focus.

"It remains one of the best selling posters across the whole site – it must have struck a chord with people.”

His second poster for Cassiobury Park features the Miniature Railway which he believes is another important feature of the park.

He added: “My entire family including parents, aunties, uncles and cousins since before they could walk had been going to the park and taking rides on the train.

“This was more for my own enjoyment than anything else.

Watford Observer:

Watford Palace Theatre poster

"I didn’t expect to sell the Watford ones, but I’ve always been here and they mean something to me.”

He has recently created a poster of Watford Palace Theatre which originally was a Christmas present for his mum but will be sold on his second shop, Iconic Venue Prints, focusing on art deco style posters for music venues.

Mr Franks believes his posters can be personal and special to the people who buy them because they are of specific locations.

He said: “I think every single one of them is specific and each of these places hold special memories for people and they can make a perfect present.

“If you’ve been to a place with someone it is nice to have something at home on your wall that reminds you of the ski season or back packing trip.

“People will get in touch and ask for a specific date on the bottom like the date they got engaged.

"It can be something very personal and something they’ll treasure.”

Watford Observer:

One of the other types of posters Mr Franks others on his website

The posters are created by artists over the world and has worked with the same three people for the past two years.

He said: “I have been working with the same people since I began the site, and we communicate online.

“I just give them an idea and send them some photos of the locations and they know exactly what to do.

“They all have different approaches to how they create the work but they often use illustrative tablets. It's like creating digital paint.”

Mr Franks said new posters will be coming and there might be some more community posters, but you can suggest ideas of locations you would like featured.

He said: “I still have a massive spread of all ideas and they’re all split into sections for national parks and ski resorts.

“There is a local section on there with different ideas which I hope to do at some point, they are quite specific so I might be the only person who will want them.

“If you can’t find a poster of the place you want then get in touch and we’re always open to suggestions.”