It has happened, but you might wonder how Watford has escaped for so long.

Watford Borough Council's cabinet voted on Monday to end weekly refuse collections.

For some this has proved the last straw in a world in which health and safety, political correctness and members of the royal family have gone over to the other side.

It's a funny hill to die on, given that it is a hill made of the dwindling pile of rubbish left over after all the cardboard, glass and plastic have been recycled and the food waste has been sorted. (These will all continue to be collected weekly.)

And so many other places have managed it that there is really no point in arguing it is essential. It could be argued that sending dustbin lorries out every week is a waste of fuel and bin men and women's time.

Yes, there will be teething problems - ironically one of the items that does seem to make it to the recycling is the leaflet with collection dates. Some people will have difficulty adapting - hopefully they will get the help they need.

One potential issue is charging for green waste. Here people may genuinely feel they are suddenly having to pay for a service they previously got for free. Your view on that will depend on your view of austerity, how deeply councils are being cut and what else they might sacrifice.

And rest assured, if there are problems, this paper will be covering them.

But if this is the issue that makes you yell "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore" maybe you need to accept that times have moved on.