If I may paraphrase that well-known author and poet Dylan Thomas, it is pertinent to state “Do not go gently into that New World order”, outside the EU, as we enter the New Year.

We are now at the behest of a powerful and elitist clique. Those educated at such influential educational establishments as Eton and Oxbridge are fully in control. Lies and deceit clearly demonstrate it is possible to fool most of the people most of the time. It is very sad to see a blue swathe of political support throughout England. It does have to be admitted that the opposition to Brexit by the Labour leader was pathetic, given he was very much being controlled by and indeed supported Momentum.

How easy it was for a sizeable proportion of the population to exclaim “just get on with it” when, in truth, they understood little or nothing of the workings of the European Union or the benefits it has bestowed. It appeared a simple matter for the likes of the Conservative anti-EU group The ERG to claim they support the wishes of the people.

Without EU controls the wealthy will be set free to exploit workers’ rights and freedoms, often against the poor!

Must we forever be ruled by a political elite?

To discover, in the north of the country, Boris Johnson, recognised by many as untrustworthy, nevertheless secured many working-class votes because he exudes confidence whilst claiming he ‘will get things done’.

The skill of the lies employed is breathtaking. Apparently unelected bureaucrats (the Commission) make the laws in the EU. This is patently untrue, although much of the media never corrected such a gross falsity.

Much of the effort in taking us out of the EU has been sanctioned by unelected officials such as Dominic Cummings, Arron Banks and Nigel Farage (the latter not being elected into the UK parliament).

That apparently, unbelievably, does not concern too many voters.

The whole situation is a ghastly nightmare. I don’t want to be ‘reunited’ with corrupt and false thinking.

My values may not be perfect, but I will not surrender gently to a new world order!

Francis Durham

Shepherds Way, Rickmansworth