It seems Francis Durham (The new world order, Letters, January 10) took issue with unelected officials such as Dominic Cummings, Aaron Banks and Nigel Farage, though the latter was an elected MEP who single-handedly pulled off a coup to persuade PM David Cameron to help save the Tory party by holding a referendum: quite some achievement. Yet, in all of Mr Durham’s letter he omits the UK’s need going forward to pay its way. The world does not owe Britain a living. Yet, despite Brexit, the UK is now the world’s fifth biggest economy whereas the EU is a doomed project.

The President of the European Commission confirmed this week that EU policy is Freedom of Movement allied with Movement of Capital. For a former student of the London School of Economics, the pairing of these two movements, namely people and capital, is peculiar. Capital, by its nature, involves powerful forces such as the World Bank, whereas people are individuals seeking a new life in another land.

In the EU such freedom of movement has brought chaos and unchecked international terrorism yet the EU persists in a policy that has caused an enormous strain on the economies of member states. The UK has advocated movement of workers with jobs but that more sensible policy has been over-ruled by the Overlords of the EU.

Has Mr Durham already forgotten that it was the 2016 referendum that gave parliament a mandate to leave the EU not unelected officials.

Ron Pearse

Nascot Street, Watford