Equipment that could potentially save a person’s eyesight has been donated to a hospital overseas.

The Specsavers branch in Rickmansworth donated their sight-saving equipment which can be used to diagnose and treat eye diseases, to a community hospital in Pakistan.

Following a recent upgrade at the branch to hospital grade Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanning, the store decided it would be best to donate their older fundus camera to a community hospital in need of more equipment.

Using the camera, doctors can also find key information about a hearts health by inspecting blood vessels in the eye.

The connection to the Pakistan hospital comes from Samar Ellahi, who looks after NHS submissions at Rickmansworth Specsavers and works with the Pakistani community hospital by conducting diabetic retinal screenings.

Ali Hashim, ophthalmic director at Rickmansworth Specsavers said: “We are so in awe of what Samar does out in Pakistan.

“We are really pleased to be able to donate the fundus camera so that the public hospital can increase its care for the community.”

In Rickmansworth, the OCT upgrade means customers can have a 3D picture taken of their eye, showing all its different layers.

Ophthalmologists will now be able to detect signs of diabetes, glaucoma and other issues up to four years earlier.