A Radlett pub hosted a police drug testing operation last Friday.

The Waggon and Horses, Watling Street, was visited by PC Phil Tuck and Police Community Support Officer Adele Jenkins who demonstrated the "Itemiser", a portable drug testing machine.

Two people out of 30 tested positive and were searched, but no illegal substances were found.

Landlady Marion Buckley, said: "This is a lovely, local pub where we focus on good food, real ales and good wine. Perhaps it's not the kind of pub you might think would be targeted for this type of operation but it's always a good opportunity to put across the message that we won't tolerate drugs on our premises."

The machine can test up to 200 different types of drugs including cocaine, heroin, cannabis, amphetamine and ecstasy. A swab is wiped across a person's palm and placed in the Itemiser, giving a result in ten seconds.

PC Tuck said: "The positive readings show that the person has physically come into contact with illegal drugs - it does not mean they have ingested the substances. It may be that they have unintentionally been in contact with someone who handles drugs, or surfaces that have drug traces on them.

"If the Itemiser detects traces of drugs, it gives the police grounds to carry out a search of the person to see if they are in possession of controlled substances."