A meadow could become home to a herd of cows this summer.

Three Rivers District Council wants to introduce cattle grazing at Horses' Field, off South Way in Leavesden.

The council believes the initiative would improve the management of the wildflower meadow and create an enhanced habitat for wildlife.

Similar schemes are already in place at Croxley Common Moor and Chorleywood House Estate, which the council has described as successful.

The proposal at Horses' Field would see around 20 cows grazing between April and September each year.

There would be no restrictions to public access to Horses’ Field, and gates will be installed at appropriate locations around the site. Dog walkers will be free to walk with their dog in

Horses’ Field when livestock are present, as long as dogs are kept under close control.

Children would need to be supervised at all times.

In its grazing engagement document, the council says: "Cattle grazing on Horses’ Field will manage the meadow in a gradual, low intensity way, causing much less damage to wildlife and making it a more favourable option than cutting. In addition to the wildlife benefits, the introduction of grazing animals has been a popular addition to other local green spaces, with the cattle becoming an attraction in their own right.

"In the long term, grazing should also reduce the cost of managing the grassland."

The wildflower meadow is currently cut once a year.

The public are invited to have their say on this proposal in Horses' Field. Email Rhiannon.Barton@hertfordshire.gov.uk with your comments by Monday February 10.

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