On Tuesday night I attended a meeting organised by Mayor Peter Taylor regarding the proposed development on the postage stamp piece of green space just behind Liverpool Road in West Watford.

Since the development was brought to attention by a resident, who happened to see it in the local plan, they have worked hard to form a fantastic group and draw attention to the proposed development.

Mr Taylor admitted that he and his colleagues were taken aback by the amount of people who attended the meeting.

The area, which comprises a number of garages and is sandwiched between the backs of people’s houses, has been selected as an ideal place to build 12 family homes, according to the council.

While I realise that building family homes is a priority nationally I cannot see a reason to build them in this location.

West Watford is the most highly densely populated area of Watford and Watford is the most populated area of Hertfordshire, and within that, Vicarage ward is the most densely populated ward.

As the spokesperson for the now bulldozed Farm Terrace Allotments, which lie on the other side of Liverpool Road, here in Vicarage we have very little green space. The space we do have should be kept and preserved by the council.

Surely there are wards with more space which can be targeted instead of adding to an already overcrowded ward which is struggling with amenities.

Residents were understandably mostly upset about how the scrappage of the garages and the increased housing would affect the already critical lack of parking spaces.

Mr Taylor asked for a call of hands as to which residents would prefer green space or parking. He was immediately shot down as residents made it clear they wanted both but do not want more housing.

I hope Mr Taylor and his Liberal Democrat council keep their promise to reflect on the wishes of the people in the town. They must not again ignore the wishes of residents in Vicarage ward and build yet more houses on green space.

Sara Jane Trebar

Prospective Labour Councillor for Vicarage ward, Watford