As our happy little band of UKIPers approached central London on the train, it began to fill up with ‘patriots’ - evidenced by their attire of versions of the Union Jack. Happy happy crowd from all parts of the country - and beyond.

I said to one burly, bearded PC standing idly by in Parliament Square, that you will never come across a more good-hearted crowd in your entire career. And so it came to be. 30,000 sang Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, Auld lang syne, We are the Champions, God Save the Queen (several renditions). Behind us was a contingent from the Valleys, singing for Wales.

Fabulous speeches, Julia Hartley Brewer, Dominic Frisby sang his 17 Million F*ck Offs song - to deafening applause. A band, more speeches, chanting for Farage - who finally appeared and gave a moving and truly statesmanlike oration, then hosted the countdown to the magic hour, 11 PM and “We’re Out!”

Brilliant, brilliant night. Got a selfie with mathematical genius Lord Christopher Monckton, who promised to drill down on his theme that self-styled oligarchs are pushing climate Armageddon to further their corporatist interests. I asked - and he replied that he is in talks with the powers that be, as we speak. Let’s hope!

No antics, no problems, no unruly behaviour - just the ‘wisdom of crowds’. Farage revealed that Tony Blair had just accepted the inevitability of Brexit and that the UK should make the best of it.

Train back to Watford - happy, union flag-draped older men and women talking about the war. Young, recently ordained patriots, slightly drunk, grinning broadly, comparing moustaches. We swapped hats and hugged strangers, furled our flag and finally in the small hours, stood under the stars thinking of the grandeur of it all - and Farage’s claim that he would party all night and never sleep again

Good to be on the right side of history.

Prof. Christine Wheeler McNulty