A supercar was pulled over while drugs were found in another car during a two-day police operation.

Hundreds of vehicles were checked by police in the M25 corridor between Denham Way and Chorleywood Road from Monday, February 3 to Tuesday, February 4. Several cars were pulled over as a result.

This was done as police aim to crack down on traffic offences and vehicle, burglary and drug related crime across Three Rivers.

One of the cars to be pulled over was a Lamborghini – police say it had appeared the driver jumped a red light at junction 18 of the M25.

The driver was spoken to and given words of advice by officers.

Watford Observer:

Police during the operation (photo Hertfordshire Constabulary)

The operation also saw a quantity of cannabis being found and seized from a white Ford Fiesta. A 19-year-old man in the car was issued with a Community Resolution, which allows officers to use their professional judgement when dealing with offenders.

In another incident, police had stopped a Volkswagen Golf which they saw driving in an erratic and aggressive manner from The Green, Croxley Green, to Rectory Road in Rickmansworth.

The driver had tailgated other cars and pulled off inappropriate overtakes.

He was issued a Section 59 notice for anti-social driving, meaning his car will be seized if caught driving in such a way again by police.

A Suzuki Grand Vitara was also stopped in Gosforth Lane in South Oxhey. Several items of drug paraphernalia were found in the car and seized.

Police also found the driver was disqualified and did not have a valid insurance policy for the Suzuki.

The car was seized at the scene and the driver reported for driving offences.

The operation, dubbed Operation Scorpion, focused on targeting travelling criminals who use the district’s major arterial routes.

Passing vehicles were checked using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology which flagged up people of interest.

PC Ben Saunders, who led the operation, said: “We know that burglary, drug-related crime and vehicle crime has a huge impact on its victims, so we are dedicated to disrupting and intercepting anyone involved in these types of offences.

“This pre-planned operation also presented us with a good opportunity to tackle those who don’t feel the need to insure their vehicle, or choose to drive in a manner which endangers other road users.

“I am confident that we denied criminals the use of strategic travel routes between Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties, and I hope it sends a clear message to them: Hertfordshire is not a soft target. We will be continuing both high-visibility and covert patrols in order to tackle those who travel into our county in the hope of committing crime. We are always watching.”

Other stops police made included:

• An Audi A3 after it showed links to an assault in Northwood. The driver was confirmed not to match the suspect’s description, however he was questioned at length and his details were corroborated at the roadside before detailed intelligence was submitted.

• A Fiat Scudo van, which was seized in Uxbridge Road in Rickmansworth after checks revealed it had no valid insurance policy.

• A Vauxhall Meriva after the vehicle showed as having invalid insurance. The driver provided unsubstantiated evidence of a trade policy so officers issued him with a notice to provide further evidence at a later date.

• A black Ford Fiesta seen acting suspiciously in Uxbridge Road, Rickmansworth. Police signalled for it to stop before conducting a search on the driver, which proved negative. The driver’s details were corroborated at the roadside and an intelligence report was submitted.