The Observer ran the headline last week ‘Aldi opens its doors and shoppers are loving it’. But suppose you want only to go to Halfords next door or look at sofas and go on foot or by bike.

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Getting off the bus, I crossed the road to enter Watford Field Road. I walked past the Pump House and suddenly noticed a lot of metal fencing as I turned left. Prior to Aldi’s building I would have turned sharp right to walk the footpath to Halfords but it was fenced off. I walked to the main road, turning right past a bus stop; there was no pavement. Only by keeping to the kerb on the right and facing oncoming traffic was it relatively safe to walk. Then, turning right I saw Halfords and Aldi, side by side; it was directly ahead though I still walked in the road, which I shared with cars, moving slowly.

Watford Borough Council seems to have neglected any consideration for cyclists or pedestrians.

Ron Pearse

Nascot Street, Watford