Let’s be honest, traffic into Watford is ridiculous and threatens gridlock despite the roundabout (Roundabout trim causes hour long tailbacks, February 7). What exactly does the council mean by its message, often on the back of bus shelters, which says it is ‘working to reduce congestion’? The roundabout at Tesco is not the issue: the problem is sheer volume of traffic.

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Of course one way to reduce it is to debate the need to travel in the first place. Surely in this age of communication there isn’t the need always to have to be there in person.

It’s high time the Oyster card system introduced by Ken Livingstone was rolled out across the shires, as well as more electronic indicators showing live bus information. What has the county council been doing for the past ten years?

Car travel is an overrated mug’s game: it costs thousands each year to go nowhere and get more and more unfit and unhealthy.

Dave Degen

Whippendell Road, Watford