The council says it is proving its commitment to preserving parks and open spaces after it took over the running of a children's park.

Watford Borough Council has taken control of Nascot Grange open space - a park which was created after the housing development, Nascot Grange, was built off Langley Road in 2013.

The park will now be maintained by Veolia - the council's grounds maintenance contractor.

Upkeep of the park will include playground inspections, litter clearance, tree maintenance, grass cutting, planting and more.

Watford Observer:

Nascot ward councillor Mark Hofman said he and his colleagues had received complaints from members of the public of rubbish building up in the park.

The council decided the best way forward, to maintain high standards of the park, would be to transfer the land to them from Nascot Grange Management Committee.

Nascot ward councillor Mark Watkin said: "Green spaces offer people a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life to relax, keep healthy, learn about nature or spend time together with loved ones. I hope everyone living in the area is able to enjoy this fantastic green space."