Councillors are calling for a crackdown on drivers who are illegally using a bus route to cut through to a roundabout.

Concerns have been raised about motorists using a slip road, which joins a roundabout in North Watford, that should only be used by buses - and a survey reveals just how many drivers are ignoring a 'no entry sign'.

The tiny section of road can be accessed off Leggatts Way/North Western Avenue, and runs through to the roundabout where the A41 meets the A405. 

Drivers use it to travel in the other direction too, from the roundabout into Leggatts Way.

A 'no entry' sign is clearly marked, which adds 'except buses', but this sign does not appear to be enough to deter drivers.

A Google Street View of the bus lane and no entry sign

A Google Street View of the slip road from the roundabout

Back on Wednesday October 2, Labour county councillor Asif Khan funded for a survey to be carried out by Hertfordshire County Council officers between 7am and 10am, and 3pm and 6pm.

Councillor Khan says the survey was prompted by complaints from residents about people using the slip road illegally.

These residents say it is leading to 'near misses' while there is also frustration that while other drivers wait patiently to get onto Courtlands Drive, others 'don't think the rules apply to them'.

This map shows the routes (in orange and green) that drivers can legally use to reach the roundabout

The survey results for October 2 are now back.

  • 317 vehicles, other than buses, were observed using the slip road in the six hours officers were present.
  • The most common times drivers were ignoring the no entry sign were between the hours of 8am-9am (85 drivers) and 5pm-6pm (76).
  • It took just two minutes and 16 seconds for officers to record the first vehicle that was not a bus to use the slip road.
  • Council officers recorded 42 bus journeys using the slip road over the six hour period.

Leggatts ward councillor Richard Smith, who worked with Cllr Khan on the survey, said: "I've been speaking to really concerned people who have experienced near misses. They are travelling up the A41 and non-bus drivers are shooting out of this slip road.

"We wanted to do a survey to see how big the problem is. The survey is worrying. I think this clearly shows something must be done to prevent serious accidents."

Cllr Smith is hoping to get both the police and county council on board to encourage more enforcement of the slip road.