A cyclist has said that "more needs to be done" to stop fly-tippers after lorry parts were dumped in a country lane.

Yesterday morning (Thursday, February 20) Little Green Lane in Croxley Green was blocked off after fly-tippers left what appeared to be a lorry cab in the middle of the road, leaving people unable to pass.

It is not the first-time fly-tippers have dumped rubbish in Little Green Lane – last week a broken-up bed and mattress was dumped on the road.

Watford Observer:

Bedding dumped in Little Green Lane (photo UGC)

The cyclist, who did not want to be named, said the road is very popular with dog walkers and cyclists.

He said: “No one could use the road, you could not get past the front of that lorry with all the rubbish there.

“I use it most days and I know that this mess would have disrupted people.

“More should be done to discourage fly-tippers from dumping their rubbish on picturesque land and it needs to be stopped.”

Three Rivers District Council confirmed that all the rubbish dumped was dealt with by Hertfordshire County Council, which cleared up the mess by the end of yesterday morning.

The county council says its free fly-tipping toolkit has been adopted by 88 local authorities nationally as part of the Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group’s efforts to create "consistent, nationwide action to help eliminate this crime".

Duncan Jones, chairman of the Hertfordshire fly tipping group, said: “The national success of our fly-tipping campaign is a result of our successful partnership working to create this award-winning free toolkit that can be easily adopted by all local authorities across the country.

"Our toolkit gives advice and guidance on how best to implement a fly tipping campaign including the best media channels and hard copy materials."