A bench erected to commemorate a man who died in a tragic accident has been vandalised.

The bench, on a hill in Woodside Park, Watford, was set up in 2010 in memory of Joe James, who died in 2009 in a motorcycle accident.

Users found last Friday that the arm of the bench had been knocked off.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Karen Collett said the bench had been damaged before but not this badly.

She added: “There has been vandalism before but mainly rubbish is left and some drug users have left paraphernalia there which I and my team clear on a regular basis.

Watford Observer:

The memorial bench with the broken arm. Photo: UGC

“This is indeed upsetting as this is a memorial bench and should be respected at all times.

“There is no need for such mindless behaviour and if our staff or any member of the public see anyone who destroys park furniture, they will be prosecuted.”

Cllr Collett said the arm to the bench has been recovered by someone living in the area and a team will be sent out to assess repairs.

She said if the bench cannot be repaired then it will be replaced.