Neighbours fear there could be a "security risk" if plans to build new houses in the back gardens of a road get the go ahead.

A planning application to build two new semi-detached homes in the rear gardens of 8-10 Claremont Crescent, Croxley Green has been submitted to Three Rivers District Council.

The proposal will see the new homes consist of three bedrooms, which will include associated access and 10 parking spaces.

According to planning agents Nett Assets Ltd, the proposal supports the provision of affordable housing.

However, the plans have been met with criticism from neighbours – a number of which posted their objections to the planning application online.

Oliver Squires, an estate agent who lives in Claremont Crescent, is one neighbour to have voiced his concerns.

He says that the proposals put forward were “unreasonable”, claiming the plans could result in a "security risk" due to “increased” access to the back gardens.

He says this is because a driveway that will be extended to gain access to the homes in the rear gardens would allow "anyone to walk down it”.

There is currently a five metre wide gate preventing people from getting access to the rear gardens.

Mr Squires said: “Burglary has been a big concern for people in Croxley Green and right now the back gardens are covered.

“But if this planning application goes ahead back gardens will not be sealed anymore which leads to greater security concerns.”

He added that privacy is another concern, saying that he would have "houses staring into the back of my house" if the plans are given a green light.

“It would be scandalous if that were to happen," Mr Squires said.

Another neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “All neighbours are going to be affected by this and there has been a huge local objection to the plans.

“There are so many concerns over this, including privacy, security and disturbed light pollution from moving vehicles.

“The plans go against the precedent of our local plan. We need new housing, but this application is not keeping within our neighbourhood plan.”

However, Nett Assets said in the planning application that one of the key objectives of the design for the new homes is to ensure the character of the area is not diminished.

It said: “The potential of achieving a high-quality environment is clear and supported by the thoroughness and attention to detail of the proposals and accompanying documentation supporting this application.”

The report added: “The buildings have been positioned to maximise privacy and minimise overlooking to the adjacent properties.

“The existing access also uniquely benefits from being on the outside of a bend in the road so there is very good visibility at the Junction.

“This coupled with the removal of cars on the frontage and the fact that cars will no longer need to reverse onto the road suggests the proposal will bring improvements in both vehicular and pedestrian safety at the existing crossover access.

“Our proposal offers £136,800 of funding provision to Three Rivers District Council for the provision of affordable housing and low-cost starter home housing to be used in areas of need within the area by the council.”

Nett Assets has been approached for comment on the planning application.

To view the application in full, click here.