A company which creates disinfectant wipes for use in hospitals has found itself right at the forefront of the coronavirus crisis.

Times have never been so busy for GAMA Healthcare, based in Regal Way, Watford.

With no vaccine yet developed for use against Covid19, hospitals are having to concentrate their efforts on infection prevention products to stop the spread of the virus.

GAMA, which has been supplying its products to hospital trusts across the UK as well China, the Middle East and Australia, have been working around the clock to ensure that they can continue to meet demand for their products.

The manufacturer produces wipes that can be used to wipe down and clean surfaces and medical equipment which have been proven to be effective against the virus.

To date, GAMA’s China team has dispatched 1 million units of wipes and 500,000 units of sanitisers to over 4,000 hospitals across the China and have helped play a significant role in controlling the virus, where only a handful of new cases have been identified in the last couple of days.

The company which was originally founded in 2004 by two junior doctors, Dr Guy Braverman and Dr Allen Hanouka, and has grown rapidly since its formation, with more than 130 employees globally.

Dr Braverman said: "We’ve been following events since the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus first became public in early January, and I’ve been in close contact with our team in China.

"We’re incredibly grateful for their tireless work over the last few months, getting our much-needed products to the frontline battle against this virus.

"Infection control is a key component of any response to a viral infection but is especially important in a case like the coronavirus where events are developing rapidly and there’s no vaccine available."