Parking restrictions in residential streets have been lifted and drivers are able to park freely in pay and display bays until further notice.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Watford, Hertsmere, Three Rivers and St Albans councils have relaxed the rules on parking.

For example, you will not need to display resident permits to park in controlled parking zones (CPZ) and you won't be ticketed if you are parked in a space during times that would normally be prohibited.

However, traffic wardens will continue to monitor our streets and ticket drivers who park on double yellow lines or park dangerously.


  • There is no requirement for motorists to purchase pay and display tickets as of March 24
  • There is no need to renew parking or business permits that expire after March 24 until the full restrictions come into force again
  • It is not necessary to buy a visitor voucher from March 24 until further notice
  • Pay and display bays, permit bays, and shared use bays will not be enforced
  • Yellow lines will still be enforced on junctions and access areas. This is to ensure delivery drivers, the emergency services, and larger vehicles can still access roads easily
  • This means you can park on a single yellow line as long as it is not on a junction or at an access area
  • Do not park in disabled bays unless you have a blue badge or are accompanied by someone with a blue badge.
  • If you know of any underused space in Watford to park vehicles or are a business and can offer space, email

Visit if you want to contest a penalty charge.


Double yellow lines are still being enforced in the borough. Drivers can park freely in council-owned car parks, pay-and-display bays, and in CPZ's as these will not be enforced. Please do not park in disabled bays unless you have a blue badge or are accompanied by someone with a blue badge.

Councillor Jean Heywood, responsible for transport, said: "We are making some adjustments to our services, in line with government guidelines, as part of the huge effort by everyone to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

"The suspension of parking enforcement does also include the residential controlled parking zones. We recognise the concerns in residential areas where people are now at home. We’re facing exceptional challenges presented by the coronavirus and we all need to play a role in responding to that."

If you have any queries, contact parking services via email at

St Albans

Parking restrictions have also been eased throughout St Albans district to help key workers and residents during the Covid-19 crisis.

  • Civil enforcement officers have been instructed to take action only against unsafe or inconsiderate parking.
  • They will focus on protecting disabled bays, stopping driveways from being blocked and preventing dangerous parking near junctions.
  • They will also maintain access to loading bays and car parks.
  • Free overnight parking at council carparks is being extended to help people who cannot find a space near their home.

Drivers are reminded parking is not a "free for all" but an easing of restrictions in the midst of a national emergency.

Any resident living in a CPZ who is having parking difficulties is advised to contact the council on 01727 869593 or

Three Rivers 

  • All parking charges have been suspended until further notice and there will be no on-street enforcement of permit bays in CPZs.
  • Safety restrictions marked by yellow lines and disabled bays will continue to be enforced.
  • Double yellow lines are also being enforced
  • Motorists are asked not to park dangerously and ask that roads remain accessible