A primary school is holding online assemblies for pupils learning at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

St Meryl School in Carpenders Park, Watford, has been putting videos on YouTube for pupils to see and interact with.

Headteacher Craig Davies has been uploading videos every day since last Monday (March 23), mixing assembly messages with humour.

The Government announced earlier this month that schools were to close but some could still remain open to care for the children of key workers.

In the virtual assemblies, he encourages children to do their homework and sets them educational challenges such as painting portraits of teachers.

A spokesperson for the school said: "The assemblies mean so much to the whole St Meryl School family and that we love Craig’s style and humour.

"For staff at home, we watch them with our families and it makes our children and us laugh too. We know that the assemblies are watched and enjoyed by our pupils.

"Mr Davies is renowned for his love of all things Star Wars and there is usually some reference to this within each instalment - especially his ones from home.

"Every day, we look forward to the next instalment, hoping that Mr Davies will finally get the right music for ‘walking out of assembly.'"

Mr Davies' assemblies can be found on the school's website at: stmeryl.herts.sch.uk/home-learning