We’ve all been there. You go shopping for your other half but one of the things they want isn’t there. You search the shelves, knowing the choice is between returning empty-handed or with the wrong thing. You know there's no getting away from it: you’re in trouble.

So spare a thought for those delivering shopping for elderly and vulnerable people self-isolating this week. It turns out some of them have met with abuse for coming down the garden path with Kingsmill when only Hovis would do.

One good-hearted volunteer was on the receiving end of a volley of vegetables - unfortunately they were the hard kind as they came in a tin.

To be fair to the people stuck in their homes, they may not have seen a supermarket recently. Anyone who has knows that your shopping list evaporates on first contact with the shelves.

We are finding out a lot about ourselves because of coronavirus. And we are seeing the effects of our actions on others in very real ways.

If we pile our trolley high, someone else has nothing. We might not get too ill if we catch Covid-19, but we could give it to a friend or family member who could catch their death.

So before you get cross at having the wrong kind of bread, remember that having to eat it with own-brand beans on your toast might be the least of your worries.