Police in Watford have revealed some of the bizarre reasons people have given for ignoring the coronavirus lockdown guidance.

The town's officers say they are still being met with "negative attitudes and responses from people" flouting the Government's instructions to stay home apart from three reasons.

These include shopping for essential items, getting exercise once a day and only travelling for essential work.

Government guidance also says that those who do go out should only do so with members of their household and must stay two metres (6ft) away from other people at all times.

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But on Sunday Watford police posted on Facebook some of the responses they received from people who were out unnecessarily.

One person said: "I don't care if I get sick or spread it, that's not my problem."

Another person said they had to get their £90,000 car cleaned.

Watford Observer:

Police patrolling park car parks

They said: “I'm driving because I need to use the car wash, I've got bird poo on my car, and this car costs 90 grand."

Other responses included "but I'm bored at home" and "I've travelled from London to get some paint".

Another excuse police received included someone saying: “We don’t live in the same house but we’re standing 6ft apart when we kick the football".

Watford police wrote on facebook: "These are difficult times for us all but please help us by respecting the government guidance and don’t take it personally when officers move you on, we’re all in the same boat.

"Lots of you are adhering to the guidance which is great but please remember that the best way you can help us is to #StayAtHome and follow the government guidelines. Stay safe everybody, and remember we’re still here."

Watford police also revealed yesterday afternoon that they have finally issued fines to those ignoring the coronavirus lockdown guidance.

Police said it issued the fines to people "in blatant disregard" of the rules.

It came after Watford Borough Council closed Cassiobury Park car park on Saturday after people chose to flout government Covid-19 guidelines and 'picnic in the sun'.

Watford police said it cleared hundreds of people from the park on Saturday who were not out for essential exercise or were meeting with people outside of their household.

Three Rivers District Council also closed the car park of Rickmansworth Aquadrome on Saturday after people flouted rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The council has since closed off the car park at Leavesden Country Park as well.

If you are caught flouting the government restrictions, you can be fined £60, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.