A Labour councillor has said Keir Starmer’s victory at the party’s leadership contest is a “breaking of a new dawn”.

Stephen Cox, Labour group leader at Three Rivers District Council, says the result means the Labour Party “are firmly back in business”.

Sir Keir was elected as the new Labour leader on April 4 after he beat rivals Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy in the first round of counting, securing 56% of the 490,731 votes cast.

Following his victory, Cllr Cox said: “The result represents the breaking of a new dawn and signifies a break from the past.

“Clearly the Labour Party needs to move forward having been led to yet another disastrous general election defeat, the worst since 1935. The scale of Keir Starmer’s victory was simply wonderful.

“I have every faith that he will address the unresolved internal issues that have festered and dogged the party, end the dither and provide decisive leadership."

Cllr Cox, who represents the South Oxhey ward, added that Sir Keir “looks like a future Prime Minister” and is a “winner and the real deal”.

He continued: “He is solid, sound, stable and demonstrates good judgement.

“So with his newly-won mandate in the years ahead he can bring forward a positive mainstream programme of action and present a manifesto, which instead of repulsing people, offers genuine hope for a better Britain which truly appeals to those that really matter - the voters of this country.”

The leadership contest also saw Angela Rayner elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party after securing 52.6 per cent of the vote.

Chair of Watford Labour Party Linda Meehan said: “Congratulations to Keir and Angela, who were elected by the membership, with Keir winning our local nomination back in February.

“We are looking forward to their tenure with hope, and that all sides of the party will be represented under their leadership.”

Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Nigel Bell added: “A massive congratulations to both Keir and Angela for winning so much support from our membership. Locally here in Watford as well as nationally we are here to be a united, constructive and effective opposition.”