A rescue centre has found 22 animals their forever homes the day before it had to close due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) located in Tylers Way, Watford, managed to rehome 12 cats, eight dogs, one rabbit and one tortoise on March 24.

The centre announced last month they had to close to visitors and volunteers because of the pandemic which made it difficult for staff to look after animals.

Staff also said it was a decision which would impact them financially as they rely heavily on donations and on the income from their on site cafe.

But due to the pandemic, centre manager Jackie de Friez said she wanted the animals to be rehomed as soon as possible before closing.

All the new owners were already within the process of adopting an animal, they had been home-checked and spent one-to-one time with their new pets.

Animal rescue worker Ashley Stevens said: "I literally couldn't be happier if I tried.

"There really are some wonderful people out there, who in these uncertain times has given us all the best day by welcoming our animals in their homes, rather than letting them wait for possibly a month or more in kennels.

"It is days like these I am so proud to be an animal rescue worker."

The centre is still caring for 28 dogs, 13 cats, six guinea pigs, five rabbits, two degus, one pig, one rooster and several hens and a tortoise.