The Mayor of Watford will be hosting a virtual pub quiz with a Hornets legend to raise money for charities.

With the UK currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Peter Taylor will host the quiz on facebook tomorrow with former Watford FC striker Luther Blissett.

All the money raised from the quiz will go towards Watford Borough Council's Community Fund, which supports charities involved in the Covid-19 relief effort in the town.

These include groups supporting victims of domestic abuse, giving emergency support to rough sleepers and helping deliver food to vulnerable people.

The quiz is being held as part of the Watford Together initiative, which aims is to help people across the town during the Covid-19 pandemic through cultural activity.

The quiz, which will be streamed live, will be held on Mr Taylor's facebook page on Sunday at 7pm.

Anyone who would like to donate £3 can text WATFORD to 70331.

You can find out more about the quiz by clicking here.