To help bring families and friends together during the coronavirus lockdown, we encouraged readers to send in messages of support to their loved ones.

We have published these messages below.

If you would like to send some words of encouragement to a family member or friend, use our online form below.

Let us know who the message is from, who it is to, and give us a picture. We will try to include as many as we can over the next few weeks.

From Louise Eyre:

Watford Observer:

"I would love to say a big hello to our dad Stewart Eyre, who is in Lancaster Court Care Home. And a big thank you to all who work there and are looking after him and everyone else... We miss you loads, dad. See you soon. Love, Louise Stewart and mum xxx"

From Emma Faulkner:

"Jessica Whitmarsh would love to send lots of hugs to her Nanny and Granddad x"

From Amanda Cerasale:

Watford Observer:

"I would to say to everyone stay safe and be strong and we will be out of this mess very soon."

From Katie Rogers:

Watford Observer:

"Betty Wheeler, we are missing you so much and love you lots. From the Rogers, the Martins and the Wheelers xxxx"

From Emma Wakeling:

Watford Observer:

"I would like to thank my mum for working hard during this pandemic. She is a key worker, who works at Courtlands Lodge, and is missing her grandchildren dearly: Ellie, Amelia, Evie and Samuel. You're an inspiration, mum. Lots of love, Becky, Terry, Emma and Louise."

From Danielle Winder:

Watford Observer:

"We love you nanny and granddad (Sally & Les in South Oxhey). We miss you and can't wait to see you. Love Ella & Holly. X"

From Julie Tatford:

Watford Observer:

"Hi mum, I’m glad you are safe. I miss you so much and feel so sad that I am not in the UK to help you. I love this photo of you and Emily."

From anonymous:

"A poem for all those who are suffering and supporting at this time: The lights within us, shine, through the darkness of now, as one, we will overcome."

From Allison Sherriff:

Watford Observer:

"Dear Violet, we miss you so very much and hope to have snuggles again very very soon. We Love you lots and lots and lots and can’t wait to spoil you rotten when this is all over. Keep smiling that cheeky smile of yours. Lots of Love Nannie xx"

From Hilda Hasley:

Watford Observer:

"Missing my HOME Vicarage Road and all my amazing Hornet family. Sending a Virtual Hilda Hug (socially distanced of course!) to everyone who supports the mighty Watford FC, stay safe and well and see you all back at home soon."

From Michelle Pettit:

Watford Observer:

"We are so very proud of our two boys. Harry (far left) Billy (far right) Both are key workers in this tough time."

From Zoe Williams:

Watford Observer: Watford Observer:

"Dear Nanny, we miss you and love you so much. Thank you for all you do for us all! We will see you soon. Love Zoe, Chris, Victoria and Amelia xx"

From Samuel Lambert:

Watford Observer:

"To my mum Jean Tanner, love you so much. Stop worrying please. I'm keeping safe when I do my volunteering."