A seven-year-old boy has painted more than 150 butterflies in order to cheer up care home staff and pensioners.

Jo Peterson, who lives on Cardiff Road in Watford, said she began making butterflies with her son, Cody, after he said he wanted to do something nice for his family in lockdown.

Ms Peterson said: "He wanted to cheer up his aunt who works in a care home in Bournemouth by making something nice to send to her."

Cody then spent his free time painting butterflies, cutting them out and laminating them.

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Cody making the butterflies. Credit: Jo Peterson

As a result of his positive feedback from care home staff and elderly people in Bournemouth he wanted to continue to bring about joy.

He decided to make butterflies to be sent to Auburn Mere care home located on Oxhey Lane.

He has so far made 200 butterflies, 130 for the care home in Bournemouth and 70 for Auburn Mere.

She added: "I'm really proud of him, he's such a lovely boy and he has a very kind nature.

"It's great to see him spend his time to do some thing nice. He was really proud of himself too."