A swarm of "thousands" of bees has been caught on video outside a house in North Watford. 

Sheena Parmar, from Kenton, saw the swarm outside two homes between Fuller Road and St George's Road.

Ms Parmar said she came to the area to check on her family. She stumbled across the insects as she was walking back to her car, which was parked down the street from her family's home.

She immediately got into her vehicle and started recording.

She said she was both astounded by the scene and worried about the families living there.

She said: "All of a sudden I saw so many bees, I have never seen so many bees in my life, there were thousands and thousands of them.

"I sat there for a few minutes in the car with the windows shut and took the video.

"It's something you don't experience everyday and I couldn't understand why there were so many or where they came from."