With a sunny Bank Holiday weekend ahead, Watford’s mayor has issued a warning to “consider others” if they are outside.

The week has been struck by the sun, with many going on walks and visiting parks to occupy their time during the lockdown period.

But with continued sunny spells and hot weather expected, Mayor Peter Taylor is asking for people to stay at home this weekend if they can and consider others.

He explained that police will be patrolling parks around Watford to ensure social distancing is kept.

Hertfordshire Constabulary says it received multiple calls yesterday that a large number of people gathered in Watford Heath and that social distancing measures were not being followed.

Mr Taylor said: “I know that with this sunny weather arriving, there may be a temptation to meet in large groups and break social distancing rules, but it is really important that we remember to stay and do all we can to protect ourselves and others from this awful virus.

“I know the police will be out in our local parks over this weekend and will take action if they are worried about people’s safety.

“I urge people in our town over this Bank Holiday weekend to continue to try and stay at home as much as they can, consider others, stay safe and save as many lives as possible."

He added: “I’d like to thank everyone in our town who have continued to listen to the NHS advice as over the last few months.”

Temperatures are expected to reach 20°C tomorrow (May 22), with it cooling down slightly on Saturday at 17°C.

Sunday will be a hot but cloudy day, with temperatures reaching 20°C, and warm sunny spells are expected on the Bank Holiday Monday with it being around 22°C.