I WOULD like to congratulate Watford FC for the way in which they have boosted the morale of many of their “elderly” supporters by arranging for current and former players to contact them for a chat and to check on their welfare. This caring gesture in these troubled times will go a long way in maintaining the close links between the club and its fans.

I, personally, received a call from Steve Palmer and our conversation brought back many fond memories of his playing time in a Watford shirt and, in particular, when Graham Taylor, with the assistance of the opposing manager and the referee on the day, arranged for Steve to start the game in the goalkeeper’s jersey so that he could then say that he had played in every position for the team during that season. This was a great gesture for a well-respected and popular player.

I have heard from others who have also received calls from a Watford player during this difficult time and the gesture has been very well received and appreciated. By continuing its relationship with the community in this way, the club has remained true to the ideals and spirit of Graham Taylor and it is heartening that his values are still being maintained by the current regime at the club.

It is never easy for anyone to take over something that has been so heavily influenced by another person beforehand and so, to their credit, the current owner and chairman at Watford FC have made their own mark on the club by carefully incorporating the past values of Graham Taylor into their own style of management and, for this, they should receive their own recognition and congratulations.

Allowing the Vicarage Road stadium to be made available for use by the NHS staff at the adjacent hospital in these difficult times is a brilliant gesture that also typifies the community spirit in which supporters have come to expect from the club - so well done to all at Watford FC.

I was taken to my first Watford match by my father for a 5th birthday treat and I became hooked there and then. Nearly 70 years later, I am still as enthusiastic and proud to be a supporter of the club that has given me so many memories during that time as well as the latest one by my call from Steve Palmer.

Maurice Wiggs

Hemel Hempstead