A council leader is encouraging people to take part in an online screening programme for coronavirus which helps improve experts' knowledge about the disease.

Councillor Sara Bedford, leader of Three Rivers District Council, has been taking part in the COVID Symptom Study, run by Kings College Hospital for several weeks.

The study uses a phone app to ask a daily series of simple questions to track the early symptoms of the virus, with the aim of leading to earlier and better diagnosis.

Cllr Bedford, who was asked to undergo a Covid-19 test two weeks ago but tested negative, said: "It takes just one minute or less to report each day. You can report all members of your household at the same time. It really is a simple, but vital way of helping fight this disease."

Over three million people across the UK are currently using the app to log their health each day.

For more information and to get involved, visit https://covid.joinzoe.com

This has led to a number of symptoms being added to the 'early warning' list, including the loss of taste or smell, and red marks on the feet and toes.

Recently, the loss of taste and smell was added to the UK's official list of symptoms, which has always included a fever or high temperature and a persistent cough.

Anyone experiencing these symptoms should self-isolate, along with members of their household.

Testing has also been ramped up by the government and anyone aged over five years old who is in the first few days of having suspected symptoms can have a test.

Tests are effective if people are swabbed in the first three days of having suspected coronavirus symptoms. They cannot detect whether somebody has had coronavirus in the past.

Watford Leisure Centre Central is now hosting two weekly drive-thru tests, on Thursdays and Sundays.

Drivers can visit between the hours of 10am and 4pm but people must book a test online first at www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Anyone booking a test must do it on a Wednesday is the plan is to go on Thursday, and on Saturday if the plan is to go on Sunday.

This is because the booking system will only show you details of test locations which are available in the following 24 hours.