I have to confess I do not know the names of the two Conservative MPs for Watford and Three Rivers regions. I am aware however they were depressingly shoe-horned into their seats by our de-facto unelected Prime Minister Dominic Cummings. An intelligent and basically decent ex-minister such as David Gauke simply could not be tolerated.

The country has now been awakened to the reality of what a considerable number of the electorate have put into power. We have an elected Prime Minister who simply could not survive without the Machiavellian guidance of a despicable character, who has taken upon himself how he might interpret the medical advice to avoid a most dangerous virus. It is only the “little” people who must follow the rules and not him!

A fairly recent newspaper article described Dominic Cummings as a “Doctor Strangelove” character. We should be deeply frightened and concerned about our supposed democracy, with the dangerous Strangelove at the helm.

Francis Durham

Shepherds Way, Rickmansworth