Dominic Cummings should be sacked after police concluded he might have committed a “minor breach” of the lockdown rules, a Labour councillor has said.

Hertfordshire County Council’s west Watford councillor Nigel Bell says Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief advisor must go “to restore the public’s trust” and “put the issue to bed”.

In a press conference earlier this week, Mr Cummings defended a 260-mile trip from London to Durham he made with his family during lockdown in March, explaining that he believes he behaved "reasonably".

He says he made the trip to his parents' house after discussions with his wife, who had fallen ill, about factors including childcare arrangements and concerns around safety at their London home.

Mr Cummings also drove 30-miles from his parents’ home to Barnard Castle – which he explained as a trip to test his vision before returning to work after showing symptoms of Covid-19.

On Thursday, a Durham police investigation concluded that Mr Cummings "might" have broken lockdown rules but that it would have been a "minor breach".

Mr Johnson said he wanted to "draw a line under the matter" following the police statement.

But Cllr Bell believes that the police statement shows Mr Cummings had “broken the spirit of the rules”.

He said: “People in Watford have endured a great deal and made many sacrifices to help tackle the pandemic - it should not be one rule for them and another for the PM's friends.

“As the Government now seeks to roll out 'track and trace', it is vital that people continue to take their responsibilities in the fight against the virus seriously.

“How can that be expected when the Prime Minister allows people who break the rules to continue working at the very heart of government?

“For the sake of clarity, to restore the public's trust and because it is the right thing to do, the Prime Minister should sack Dominic Cummings, put this issue to bed and return to the work of tackling the virus."

Earlier this week Watford MP Dean Russell said he “understood the strength of feeling” people may have over Mr Cummings’ lockdown trip and has been relaying public feedback to ministers and senior party officials “in strong terms”.

However, Cllr Bell said the statement was “woefully insufficient”.