We British have always been known for our love of a queue - and even in lockdown we have been unable to resist the urge to practice. We have queued at B&Q, at tips, at McDonald's drive-thrus.

'Reopen it and they will come' is the new golden rule of marketing.

Now preparations are underway to reopen non-essential shops and other businesses in Watford town centre - possibly from June 15.

Who would bet against a first-morning-of-the-sales atmosphere as we all form an orderly line outside the non-essential shops and back up into the ring road from the car parks.

Many feel anxious for a return to normal life, not least to get money flowing to businesses and the economy functioning something like normally.

But the town will - and should - look different. Signs and cones are up all over the place.

And we should behave differently. Covid-19 has not gone away and is no less infectious and no less deadly to some of those who catch it.

Businesses will be trying their best to protect their staff and customers - we all want repeat trade, after all.

But this will only work if we respect the rules. It is still up to us to keep each other safe.

So follow those rules. Be careful of what you touch, wear a mask in enclosed spaces, wash your hands, keep your distance.

And ask yourself if you really need to be in the queue on that first day. You've waited this long, after all.

The more careful we are now, the sooner restrictions can be lifted in the long run. Then we can try on new clothes for our post-lockdown waistlines.