Lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted and the nation is looking forward to the day when coronavirus is no longer a threat.

But how will be know when this is? Here are the Watford Observer's ten tests to assess whether normal service has been resumed in town.

1) Traffic jams

Unless lockdown really does make us a nation of cyclists, we will all be back in our cars and it only takes the council to tinker with the traffic lights, some roadworks or a butterfly to flap its wings in the Amazon and the ring road will jam up. At least we've been able to practise queueing at McDonald's.

Watford Observer:

But this doesn't only happen on work days, because...

2) The Tesco/Football Apocalypse

You popped out to do your shopping at Tesco on a Saturday afternoon but forgot the Hornets are at home this weekend and now you're stuck in a queue to get out. Better get tweeting and send your pictures to ace reporter Nathan Louis...

Watford Observer:

This will be because...

3) You can hug your fellow Watford FC fans when Hornets escape relegation

Watford Observer:

Troy was fibbing when he said he wasn't training. In fact he and the boys have been honing their skills in their back gardens and are ready to return with fire in their eyes. We hope.

4) You look at your car park ticket and realise you have two minutes to get back to your car before you have to pay for another hour...

Watford Observer:

...and when you get to the machine there's a queue. And the ticket machines always seem to be slightly faster than your watch.

So do you pay another pound or compound your loss by going for a drink? (If you buy something that's on offer by more than a pound, have you saved money?)

5) You can go on the train at Cassiobury Park again

Watford Observer:


6) You can go to the fireworks at Cassiobury Park again

Watford Observer:


7) The whole world has gone to the paddling pools at Cassiobury Park again

Watford Observer:

Er, yaaay?

Or the grown-up version...

8) Pond dipping

Watford Observer:

It is summer, and someone has decided to celebrate a Watford win, stag party or just a very, very good night by getting into the pond and possibly removing their shirt. We do not advise this. Green water is not healthy for humans.

9) The purple buses are back...

Watford Observer:

Hogwarts Express buses have recently been taking NHS staff to work

... and Watford Junction station is full of children with wands and cloaks fresh from their visit to the Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros. Studios

10 The stampede at Euston when the platform finally comes up on the departure board

Watford Observer:

Do you dare dive into M&S for a can or will you end up standing?

How will you know when life has gone back to normal? Let us know below.