A mysterious and secretive protest group in Hertsmere has responded to reports the borough has the highest coronavirus death rate in the UK.

The Hertsmere People's Liberation Front (HPLF) released an inflatable rainbow at Aldenham Reservoir at the weekend to remind people about the need to stay alert.

Attached to the rainbow was a poster which read 'Thank you people of Hertsmere. Keep resisting Covid-19'.

HPLF, which claims to be a non-political movement and goes under the slogan 'We are no one. We are everyone', has in the past carried out several stunts in Hertsmere, mostly against Hertsmere Borough Council.

For example, the 'Borehamwood Batman' opposed what the group described as "environmental destruction" in the borough when a tree was earmarked to be chopped down in Borehamwood.

Watford Observer:

No one, expect themselves whom they refer to each other as 'comrades', seem to know who this movement really are, because they wear masks when they release campaign videos and take part in public activities.

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Comrade Florence said: "When we heard that Hertsmere had the highest coronavirus death rate in the country, we had to act.

"We couldn’t meet in our secret bunker in the Elstree hills as usual, due to government guidance, so we hastily arranged a Zoom meeting of our Central Committee.

"We devised a plan, which we executed on Sunday morning."

Watford Observer:

This is a screenshot from HPLF's meeting that took place on Zoom

HPLF say onlookers at the reservoir broke out into applause as the float sailed across the water.

Comrade Florence continued: "We hope this will get local people talking. We have entered the most dangerous part of the pandemic. We are all tired of physical isolation.

"However, the virus won’t tire. We cannot let our guard down. Please wear masks, limit interactions with those outside your household.

"Physical distancing, social solidarity. Together let’s prevent a second spike. We, the people shall overcome."

Watford Observer:

Comrade Florence added: "We want to pay tribute to all the local NHS staff, carers, teachers and other key workers who have put their lives on the line to protect us from this terrible pandemic.

"We also salute all the people of Hertsmere for resisting the virus.

"Your sacrifice, ingenuity and resilience during lockdown shows that we can do away with individualism, consumerism and greed.

"Your actions can form the basis of a new, kinder more solidarity-based society.

"Like many local people, we have seen our friends die from the virus in recent weeks. We send our condolences to the loved ones of all those who have tragically passed away, and wish them strength in this painful time."