Update: Water supply problems continue for homes in Watford due to high demand

Bottled water is being sent out to vulnerable residents tonight as a water company warns of major issues with its water supply.

Affinity Water says its storage reservoir north of Watford has almost run empty due to the "exceptionally high demand" for water at present and dry weather.

This is causing issues for households across Watford - Affinity Water says WD17, WD5, WD24, and WD25 postcodes are affected.

Some people living in Watford and Abbots Langley are reporting being without water or have extremely low water pressure.

Water supplier Affinity Water has texted residents to alert them to the the current issues and put information out on its social media channels.

The text says: "We'd like to give you a heads up that some of our customers in Watford may experience low pressure and supply interruptions tonight.

"We apologise for any impact this may have on you.

"We have treatment centres working at maximum capacity, pumping an extra 108 million litres of water a day, the equivalent of 400,000 people in order to meet demand."

The company also tweeted: "Our storage reservoir North of Watford has almost run empty due to the exceptionally high demand for water at present.

"The impact to you is that you may not get the pressure you normally would overnight from about 9pm.

"You may also get airlocks within your plumbing system as a result. We are responding to a extraordinary increase in demand as a result of extraordinary circumstances - the combination of the warm weather and with us all being at home.

"Our key worker teams are working to fix it by adapting our network so that we can recharge our storage reservoirs tonight. We are delivering bottled water to vulnerable customers.

"We also have teams in the area to provide support to all of our customers. We know this is an issue and we are sorry for the impact this is having on you."

Customers are urged to use water sparingly at this time.

Only yesterday, the company asked people to keep water usage to a "minimum" after some issues with water pressure - and sent out a similar warning in the latter part of May as well.

Keep up to date at https://affinitywater.co.uk/alerts?id=6256