Parents who sent their children back to school last week say they are happy with their decision. 

Primary schools in England began to open their doors to pupils, with Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children the first to return - in line with Government guidance.

During the height of the lockdown, schools were told to partially close, but they could remain open for the children of key workers and vulnerable people.

According to Hertfordshire County Council, more than 90 percent of primary schools in the county have reopened.

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We asked parents who sent their children back to school last week to tell us how the reopening went.

Lisa McCallum, who sent her seven-year-old son back to his Year 1 class, said the classroom was "really clean and welcoming".

She commented on the Observer's Facebook page: "My Year 1 son went back, just the one day this week. He had a great first day back.

"The class was small, only seven, really clean and welcoming. I'm very happy with how the school have been, he is excited for Monday."

Monica Resvanta said her daughter went back to school last Monday (June 1) and Tuesday (June 2).

She commented: "She was really happy, the school has in place all the protection measures and the teachers were happy to see the children back."

Sammie Price said her three-year-old daughter went back to Nursery last week and said she was "over the moon".

She wrote: "She was a bit tearful going in but that's normal for a change in routine."

Shaheena Hafeez said she was "very happy" with the measures and leadership within her son's infant school.

She said: "There are temperature checks every morning, routine questions such as any cough cold fever, exposure to person covid positive symptoms.

"When he started school he was really excited I was worried he was thinking he was going back to the old system. But the way school had organised the first day meant he only came back and told me he was really happy in school that day."

Clare Williams said she was first "very apprehensive" about sending her children back to school but said her two sons had a "happy and enjoyable experience".

She added: "When I arrived at the school teachers were there to welcome all the children as they arrived and there was also music playing which could be heard from outside the schools grounds.

"The boys went in beaming from ear to ear and came out after school beaming from ear to ear and both said 'it was the best day ever.'"

Tracey Murray said the return back to school was a positive experience for her daughter in Year 6.

 She said: "Tools to prepare our children before their return were also provided. 

"But the school does feel very different such as things like one-way systems, classroom layouts, pencil cases to be left at school, no school bags and no changing for PE.

"I genuinely don't think the school could be doing more. They really have been amazing."