Lockdown has been difficult for everyone but our pets are still managing to put a smile on our faces.

Across the country, animals have been benefitting from more attention, cuddles and long walks.

Our readers have shared some of their most adorable - and hilarious photos of their pets.

Here is how your pets are coping lockdown.

Emma Campbell's dog Pippin, has been enjoying the sun while her sister Daisy, spends most of her time asleep.

Watford Observer:

Pippin. Credit: Emma Campbell

Watford Observer:

Daisy. Credit: Emma Campbell

Julie Smith has been taking her Husky, Storm, on some long walks and it seems he's finally getting tired.

Watford Observer:

Husky Storm. Credit: Julie Smith

Louise McLaughlin's children Imogen and Ethan have been spending time with their snakes Hades and Aphrodite.

Watford Observer:

Imogen and Ethan with Hades and Aphrodite. Credit: Louise McLaughlin

Katie Louise's cat, Milo, has been spending time at home catching some sun.

Watford Observer:

Milo. Credit: Katie Louise

Shay Oliver has been spending his time with his five-month-old Jackabee puppy called Olive.

Watford Observer:

Olive. Credit: Shay Oliver

Buddy the Sprocker has been practicing his best Wallace impression.

Watford Observer:

Buddy being compared to Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. Credit: Sharon Dunton-Payne

Carol Firman said she's been on "24 hour cuddle duty" with her 16-year-old cat called JJ.

Watford Observer:

16-year-old JJ. Credit: Carol Firman

Jennifer Martin has been dressing up her  cat, Obi, and he looks rather dashing in his bow-tie.

Watford Observer:

Obi. Credit: Jennifer Martin

Carolyn Anne said her dog Rolo has been very "chilled" in lockdown.

Watford Observer:

Rolo. Credit: Carolyn Anne

Gemma Bunting said her dog Nelson bit her hose pipe and made his own personal sprinkler.

Watford Observer:

Nelson. Gemma Bunting

While many pets have been on their best behaviour allowing their owners to work from home , there are some however finding it difficult. Claire Crooks' dog called Chester prefers to use her wireless keyboard as a pillow.

Watford Observer:

Chester. Credit: Claire Crooks.

Ali Robbins' cat, Lola, also seems to be waiting for some head scratches while Ali is at work.

Watford Observer:

Lola. Credit: Ali Robbins

Sinéad Doyle's Norwegian Forrest cat called Rune loves clinging onto her hand while she's on her laptop.

Watford Observer:

Rune. Credit: Sinéad Doyle

Berenice Bez Drury's new puppy called Milo also loves to block her views to stop her from working.

Watford Observer: Watford Observer:

Milo and Berenice. Credit: Berenice Bez Drury

Michaela Adam's cat called Mister Mistoffelee seems to have the same idea.

Watford Observer:

Mister Mistoffelee sleeping on Michaela's desk. Credit: Michaela Adams