A busy road has been left splattered with paint after a driver reportedly broke so hard at a set of traffic lights, paint canisters fell from their van.

According to a resident, two cans of paint fell from a vehicle in High Road, Bushey Heath, on Tuesday morning.

The driver had been approaching the traffic lights where High Road and Common Road meet.

One can rolled to the kerb but the other can was later run over by a driver travelling into Bushey Heath.

As a result, the can punctured spilling paint all over the road, which we're told was only resurfaced a few months ago.

Watford Observer:

The length of the sprayed paint. Credit: UGC

Hertfordshire County Council's contractors Ringway have inspected the scene and were back again today.

But the council says it will not be taking any action to remove the paint, despite complaints from residents.

A spokesman said: "Paint spilt on the highway is only an issue whilst its wet.

"Once its dry we do not take any action as it’s no longer a hazard. Our contractor did attend but when they arrived the paint was dry and therefore no action was taken."

The resident we've spoken to says he will take the complaint further, labelling the road surface an "eyesore".

He added: "This doesn't do justice to Bushey Heath. People are walking past going 'what a mess'".