Readers have shared their thoughts on Watford potentially building a new stadium.

The Observer reported last week that club representatives have made contact with Hertsmere Borough Council about moving to Bushey Hall Golf Club.

The club has only undertaken pre-application advice with Hertsmere, with Bushey Hall understood to be a site that appears to meet most of Watford’s criteria.

But a petition titled 'Say No to Watford FC building its new stadium on green belt land in Bushey' has been launched against the potential plans.

It was signed by more than 3,500 people in less than a week.

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Here is how some of our readers have reacted to the news: 

Michael Harrison has said he welcomes a move away from Vicarage Road.

He said: "As a resident of West Watford, close to the current Watford FC site, I would welcome the removal of Watford FC from Vicarage Road and the end of the nuisance it currently causes during the season.

"This would free up space for expansion of Watford General Hospital.

"I am extremely opposed to expansion of the current site, should that even be possible, because the current nuisance we suffer would then be increased.

"As others have commented, Watford FC cannot currently fill the existing stadium on match days. Perhaps the current owners are gambling on being able to sell the club to someone with the resources to build a new bigger stadium, once they get planning consent and pump a lot of money in to increase it's prospects and standing.

"It's never going to be a truly top-flight club with a stadium of the current size."

Bill Wilson said: "The golf club is an ideal site, access would be the issue as the high road was often congested when I live there ten years ago, and I'm guessing it's worse now."

Stephen Coulson think the idea is an "excellent redevelopment opportunity" but said the new stadium would need a "first class integrated transport and travel policy".

Scott Byrne said: "It's a great idea. Make room for bigger better hospital in Watford."

Ryan Casey added: "I feel businesses in the local area and the town centre would be affected by this but at the same time, would be a good move only if the seats were filled every game."

Claire Humphreys said if the move is approve it will result in a lack of identity for Watford as a town.

She said: "So The Grove and Harry Potter World are classed as being in London and now Watford football ground will be in Bushey? Watford will have no identity soon and yet we pay London prices with no London wages."