Today will be the hottest day of the UK heatwave this week, according to the Met Office. But what time will be the peak moment to make the most of the sunshine?

With temperatures reaching 31C today, it is the perfect day to relax or work in the sun – and even catch a tan.

This week England has been sun struck. as temperatures ranged from low to mid 20s, but now the weather has reached the point where it is even hotter than Ibiza.

Wednesday, June 24

In the morning, the weather is starting off at a cooler point at 23C at 10am.

By 11am, the heat will start kicking in at 26C – it quickly rising to 29C by 1pm.

So, if you want to be basked in the sun during the peak of the high temperatures, the best time to be outside would be between 2pm to 5pm, as temperatures will be at around 30 to 31C.

By the evening, you can still sit outside and enjoy the warmth as the temperature will drop to 26C by 8pm.

But it may get stuffy at night during while you try to sleep as temperatures will still sit near 20C.

Watford Observer:

Thursday, June 25

If you thought one day was enough, Thursday will once again be a sun-stricken day.

At 7am, your morning will start off at 20C and quickly shoot up to 25C by 10am.

By 1pm, the weather will reach 29C and peak at 30C by 3pm.

It will slightly cool down to 25C by 8pm, meaning there will still be plenty of time in the evening to embrace the heat.

But just like Wednesday, it will be a hot night with temperatures near 20C.

Watford Observer:

Friday, June 26

For the most part, the day is expected to be hot and sunny on Friday with temperatures peaking at 26C.

However, it will be cloudier and less clear than the previous two days, and the Met Office forecasts isolated showers by around 4pm.

Watford Observer:

Saturday, June 27

However on Saturday, the mainly sunny streak will come to an end as the heat will drop down to 20C and the Met Office forecasts rain for the most of the day.