Some of us might be struggling with the heat as temperatures soar to 30C.

And one of the worst struggles is going to bed and trying to fall asleep when it is hot and muggy.

Voucher savings website has offered eight affordable hacks to help families cope with the heat.

A spokesperson from said: “As temperatures start to soar, most UK households will rejoice – but for those of us that struggle with the heat, summer can just make us miserable.

“Luckily there are a number of low-cost hot weather hacks we can use to make the heat more bearable.

“From making homemade cooling mists to applying deodorant to your feet, these tips will help alleviate several common summer gripes.”

1. Homemade cooling mist

Add a few drops of peppermint extract to a spray bottle of water, and when you’re feeling hot, mist yourself with it. The mint will make you feel cool as the water evaporates, similar to how minty chewing gum makes water feel colder when you drink it.

Watford Observer:

Photo: Pixabay

2. DIY sprinkler

If you don’t have a sprinkler attachment for your hose, attach an empty two-litre plastic bottle to the end and poke some holes in it.

3. Aloe ice cubes

Aloe vera is great for soothing sunburn. You can go one step further by freezing aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray.

4. Deodorant… for your feet

When your feet get hot, they tend to slip around in your shoes. Prevent blisters by applying a thin layer of roll-on deodorant to reduce slippage.

Watford Observer:

Use deodorant for your feet. Photo: Pixabay

5. Sun cream storage

Keep your SPF lotion in the fridge to feel refreshed and cool each time you apply it throughout the day. You can do this with day-to-day moisturisers and creams too.

6. Wet socks

When the heat really cranks up and nights become unbearable, place a towel at the bottom of your bed and slip on a pair of socks that you’ve soaked in cold water. Then, point a fan at your feet. This will help keep your body cool.

7. Freeze your sheets

Another tip to help you fall to sleep on those particularly humid nights: pop a few pillowcases in a sealed bag in the freezer and put them on your pillows 10 minutes before you hit the hay.

8. Shut out the sun

Keep blinds and curtains closed through hot days to shut out the sun and stop rooms from overheating.