No coronavirus deaths have been reported at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust for six days, according to NHS figures.

The trust has not reported any deaths of patients who tested positive for coronavirus since June 18, when two patients passed away.

A total of 361 Covid-19 deaths have been reported by the trust over the whole of the pandemic - with 10 of those happening in June.

Today, the Department of Health and Social Care announced 149 more Covid-19 deaths although not all of them took place in the last 24 hours.

Of those 149 deaths, 55 people died in a hospital in England.

The majority of the 55 deaths took place in the north west (17) and midlands (14).

There were seven in the east of England and three in London.

Patients were aged between 49 and 98 years old. One patient, aged 70, had no known underlying health conditions.

Across all settings, the Department of Health and Social Care is reporting a total of 43,230 Covid-19 deaths.


Since last Thursday, a total of 20 cases of coronavirus have been identifed in Hertfordshire.

In the seven days previous to the 18th, 33 cases were identified in the county.

In Hertsmere, one case was identified on Tuesday, one on Sunday, and one on the 18th.

In Watford, one case was identified on Sunday and one last Friday.

Two cases were identified in Three Rivers on Monday.

Over the whole pandemic, the number of cases identified are as follows:

Hertsmere - 404

Watford - 430

Three Rivers - 267

Hertfordshire - 2,995