So Michael Gove has categorically stated there will be no extension to the EU negotiations beyond the end of December. Boris Johnson, as we all know, made Dominic Cummings his main political advisor. And exactly who did Cummings work for prior to his most senior appointment? Of course, none other than Michael Gove!

It is well known Cummings was the prime unelected architect of abandoning the EU. He was noted for his detestation of that organisation.

We see evidence of his true nastiness through Johnson demanding that foreign workers in the NHS must pay a surcharge for the privilege of being allowed to work for such a marvellous institution. We must be thankful to Keir Starmer for exposing this con.

The sheer grotesque acts perpetrated by our so-called Government know no bounds. Abandoning our friends in Europe, we must now settle down to accepting Donald Trump as our friend. We can be assured Cummings will not give a damn if the NHS is sold off to American free enterprise.

The voters are getting their comeuppance for putting into power the vilest group of unelected and elected politicos.

The chlorinated chickens are symbolic!

Francis Durham

Shepherds Way, Rickmansworth