A councillor has welcomed police action to catch drivers using a bus route illegally.

Police officers in Watford spent several hours at two locations in the town on Friday (June 26) after acting on complaints from residents and councillors.

Officers have been asked to look into the problem of drivers using a slip road for buses only off the A41 in North Watford, as well as drivers ignoring a width restriction in Woodmere Avenue, by instead driving through the middle.

Police say more than 10 tickets were issued across both of the locations.

In February, Leggatts ward councillor Richard Smith called for a crackdown on law-breaking drivers off the A41.

He and his Labour county councillor colleague, Asif Khan, said concerns had been raised about motorists using a slip road, which joins a roundabout in North Watford, that should only be used by buses.

Watford Observer:

Cllr Richard Smith, left, and Cllr Asif Khan on a slip road that is causing concern

The tiny section of road can be accessed off Leggatts Way/North Western Avenue, and runs through to the roundabout where the A41 meets the A405.

Not only are locals frustrated at the impatience of drivers but they say there have been "near misses" on this slip road.

Drivers also ignore a second no-entry sign on the roundabout itself which travels through to Leggatts Way.

This slip road off Leggatts Way is for buses only and is a short-cut to the roundabout where the A41 and A405 meet

This route for buses only and is a cut-through to Leggatts Way

On October 2 last year, Cllr Khan funded for a survey to be carried out by Hertfordshire County Council officers, and 317 vehicles were seen using the section of road restricted only to buses.

After Friday's action, Cllr Smith said: "Lots of residents complained about this and were rightly concerned that this could lead to accidents.

"It's something I've campaigned for and I welcome the police enforcing this. I hope drivers stop using this slip road."

Watford Observer:

Police stopped the driver of this Volkswagen Golf who appeared to have ignored a no-entry sign. Credit: Watford Police

Police said: "As a result of complaints from local residents and councillors, we conducted several hours of traffic enforcement at two bus lanes with 'no-entry signs'; the North Western Avenue/ Leavesden Interchange and Woodemere Avenue.

"The operation was a success, with over 10 tickets being issued.

"We are conscious the road traffic is building up as restrictions ease, so these operations will be continuing and expanding with more resourcing to continue to keep the roads safe for our communities and reduce vehicle relates casualties."

Police also took action on drivers ignoring these no-entry signs in Woodmere Avenue, also near the A41