An artistic director who works for a Watford theatre which she calls the "heart of the town" says she isn't worried about its future.

Brigid Larmour, who works for the Watford Palace Theatre located on Clarendon Road has said she is staying positive about the theatre's survival throughout lockdown.

She believes the theatre can carry on after the pandemic as there are reserves in place. Workers have also been placed on furlough, before lockdown there was a team of 24 workers but this has now been reduced to three staff members.

The palace theatre is an Edwardian Grade II listed building which holds 600 seats and Ms Larmour says it has been operating for at least 112 years.

Across the country, theatres have not been allowed to reopen with other hospitality and entertainment businesses due to uncertainty from the Government on whether theatres can put in place social distancing measures.

But Ms Larmour said the theatre has been working on its own "Covid-19 secure plan", however, she added there is not much the theatre can do until more Government guidance is issued.

She also said until this happens there is difficulty for theatres on knowing when to open as production can not be put on hold as the theatre has to meet a specific deadline. Money also has to be paid up front to make a production of a show.

She said: "There has been guidance coming from various theatre organisations such as putting families into groups if there is enough flexible space in an auditorium.

"We want to make sure the experience safe, enjoyable and that it's reassuring for the audience and we need to look after the well being of the cast and stage managers.

"Unfortunately, the theatre is a sensitive media, if someone ends up sick and everyone in rehearsal has to self isolate it will be difficult as you can't put production 'on ice'. It's a very hard time especially for actors and directors."

Despite these challenges, Ms Larmour still says there is a lot of support for the theatre by Watford Borough Council and theatre-goers to help it push through.

She said: "For me the theatre has been the heart of town. It is where everyone comes together and it will always be that.

"There has been fantastic community support for people in the creative sector. I'm absolutely optimistic about the future."